Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Note from Bailey!

At camp I had fun. The fun things that I did were hiking, museum and tennis. One time my class went on hike around a volcano. The volcano erupted 3 years ago. We went on another hike and found volcano rocks. We also saw a lake. There was museum on the volcano. The museum was a volcano museum. I spent 3 days at camp. At camp I slept on futons. For breakfast I Had rice, seaweed and cereal. One time we went to big park. At big park there was a zip line. Also there was a big slide. The bus ride was 2 hours. At camp there was a tennis court. Before we left each group made up a play. My play was “Uno.” Some kids were cards and some were decks. There were 8 people in my group. I can’t wait till next year.


jen said...

i want to see "Uno: The Play"!! i love that game.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great time at camp. I am jealous. Aunt Ellie and I send you and Sydney lots of love and we miss you lots.

Say hi to mom and dad.

Uncle Steve

Anonymous said...

Dear Bailey,
Nana and PopPop read your article about your camping trip. We were very happy that you had such a great time. You article was very interesting and well written. We were so pleased to read it. We miss you, Sidney and your Mom and Dad very much. We can not wait for your furniture to arrive so that we will be able to do video calls. We will send this message to your new email address as well. Keep having a great time in Japan.

We love you and miss you, Nana and PopPop.